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Let’s face it, cancer sucks. We all know someone with it and cringe when someone new is diagnosed. The life of a cancer patient can be difficult and it takes a tough person to tackle the day and keep a positive attitude.

I am going through my share of ups and downs as I go through treatment, but I’m going to turn this one on its head and share with you the reasons why cancer doesn’t suck. This blog is about positivity so here we go.


10. You can speed and get out of a ticket by ripping off your wig. Your bald head is better than a PBA card.

9. If you mess up at work or forget someone’s name (yes, I did this), just blame it on “chemo brain.” There really is such a thing.

8. Medical Marijuana

7. There is no such thing as a bad hair day.

6. You always have an excuse for not attending one of those dreaded bridal showers.

5. Your obnoxious neighbor is suddenly your best friend.

4.  If you happen to see your Ex at Target, he/she will most likely not recognize you.

3. Your husband/partner will turn into one of those loving characters out of a Nicholas Sparks book.

2. When you are 80, you will have the nicest boobs in the nursing home (For Breast Cancer patients).

1. All the benefits of a brazilian wax without the torture.

Happiness & Strength,
Marie Tomi Policastro