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I knew this day would come. Last night my hair started to fall out. When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, my hair flowed down to the middle of my back, and the thought of being bald caused me anxiety (as if I didn’t have enough).

Hair loss is caused by certain types of chemotherapy. Oncologists prescribe multiple drugs, otherwise known as a Chemo Cocktail. Not all chemo drugs cause hair loss, but of course, this girl didn’t get so lucky. Because the cancer spread to the lymphnodes, my chemo “cocktail” would knock even Lindsay Lohan on her ass.

I’m all set with a really cute wig (blond bob) and a ton of hats and scarves, but still stressing about this part of my journey. It’s one thing to have cancer, it’s another to look like you have cancer. The plan is for Steve to buzz my hair tonight – I’m sure there will be a lot of laughs. He already started calling me Dr. Evil.


Happiness & Strength,
Marie Tomi Policastro