My cousin Amy is visiting tomorrow (and going to chemo with me on Thursday) so I decided to make those adorable sugar cookies that you see advertised on TV.  You know the ones, Betty Crocker snowflakes. How badly can you screw them up?

When it comes to baking, you have to follow the recipe exactly or it will suck (at least that’s what I learned in 9th grade Home Ec). So I was very careful this time – one stick of butter, 1 egg and the entire Betty Crocker packet. I REALLY wanted to make these cookies cute, so I bought Christmas cut-outs, icing and decorating sprinkles.

Turns out, I don’t own a rolling-pin (I’m not kidding), so I rolled it out with my hands and some flour (at this point, Steve is on the floor laughing at me). I pressed the cut-out into the dough and when I lifted it up, the shape fell apart. So I lifted them up the best I could, placed them on the cookie sheet and reshaped them.

After 7 minutes, I took the distorted cookies out of the oven and started decorating them. I DO NOT have an artistic bone in my body. Sidebar: When I play Pictionary with my family, no one wants to be my teammate. The last time I tried to draw a plane, my teammate thought it was a whale. You will see from the picture below that my decorating skills are pathetic.

I better not quit my day job. I can create a 10 million strategic marketing plan for a Fortune 500 company, but I can’t bake a cookie. Go figure.

Happiness & Strength,
Marie Tomi Policastro