I decided to dye the tips of my hair pink today.  The way I figure it, my hair is suppose to fall out around day 17 of chemo so why not have a little fun! It took my BFF Lisa and I three stops to find pink dye, but we finally found it at Walgreens.

In Lisa’s kitchen, she covered me with a towel and put garbage bags on the floor. Lisa was really nervous to do it, but it’s not like she can mess up – her masterpiece will be vanished in T minus 6 days. So with her little 10 month old locked out of the kitchen (she’s quite the crawler), she took the bottle to my head.

Ten minutes later, we rinsed it out in her kitchen sink. Pink dye was everywhere – all over our hands and arms, countertop, floor and we even managed to get dye on a cabinet door (which wouldn’t come out, sorry Lisa).

My hair didn’t come out as shocking pink as I thought because my hair is so dark, but I still like it. At least I won’t scare my doctor and nurses next week.

I’m ready for my close up!

Happiness & Strength,
Marie Tomi Policastro